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Latest 2011 Hitman Pro Discount

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Surfing the internet and installing programs today is no more safe, or not as safe as it used to be. The digital world is filled with many nuisances that range from annoying to downright catastrophic. There are different forms of threats out there that our computers are constantly at risk from. These include viruses, worms, Trojans, adwares, spywares, rootkits and other malicious softwares and programs. And all of these require special types of programs to deal with them. But sometimes those specialized programs fail to prevent these malwares from infecting your PC. Hitman Pro is a security program, or malware scanner, that will fortify your security and help detect malwares that have gone undetected by your anti-virus or other security software.

Hitman Pro takes care of so many security threats to make your computer stay infection-free. It detects and cleans rootkit, Trojan, bot, virus, worm, spyware and adware infections. It plays nice and causes no confliction with other security programs, something that anti-viruses are notorious for. Hitman Pro is a complete security suite taking care of most malwares, and if your mind is not completely at peace, you can always install another security program along with Hitman Pro to double your defenses. Hitman Pro markets itself as a ‘second opinion malware scanner’. That means you keep your existing anti-virus or security suite, and fortify your security by installing Hitman Pro for a second opinion. How this works is Hitman Pro facilitates a quick check, known as Free Scan, which checks (within 5 minutes) to make sure that your security program has not overlooked a threat. Another versatile feature of this product is that it need not be installed and may be used off of a USB drive or CD/DVD. Website owners can also allow their visitors to use Hitman Pro’s Free Scan to make a quick scan and get a second opinion.

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About Hitman Pro

Hitman Pro is an alternative to the conventional anti viruses and anti-malware software it’s designed to clear and remove infections from your computer and it scans using not just a single vendor but many by using the Internet it is able to scan using many different anti-virus databases so you no longer need to rely on just one software manufacturer. Hitman Pro is extremely fast and efficient and can detect many viruses that a single antivirus product would not ever be able to detect, with its fast efficient and clean GUI you can easily resolve any computer problems. It also supports running without installation perfect for cleaning up infected computers.